VR is becoming mainstream

VR is becoming mainstream

This year has seen a boom in VR. From video games to movies and cameras, VR is becoming more common every day. As this technology keeps improving, more companies are starting to develop new hardware and software to ease the experience and create new functions.

There are two main models:

  • VR BOX: it consists on the structure  but it lacks a software. The user needs to put their phone inside the box and thanks to the glass inside they will be able to see the phone’s content in virtual reality.
  • VR All-in-one: this model includes software, most of them being Android. Users can download app, movies or games and use them in the device without the need of adding any phone. The device has a limited memory and it can be connected with other devices like computers or cameras.

VR Box

As we found out during the last edition of the Hong Kong electronic fair VRs are becoming mainstream at an incredible speed. This means you need to rely on someone with enough expertise to handle these products.

In SBE we already have the experience. Located in Shenzhen, our office has instant access to all suppliers making SBE one of the best prepared players in the VR Quality Assurance.

VR All in one

Remember we have a special promotion during the month of December with which you can get special prices when buying packs of 5 and 10 inspections to use throughout the whole 2017.

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