Wrist Watches Factory Inspection

Good Morning Everyone! Ever heard the saying “clock watchers never seem to be having a good time”? Clearly, the One that said that never went on a wrist watches factory inspection! Let me tell you more about this! WHERE: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province WHEN: August 15th WHAT: Wrist Watches SBE TEAM: Jason – Engineer, Valentina, Teodora and Ade – Interns  Our journey started at Huangbeiling Station and it took almost 45 minutes to get to Qinghu Station at the end of...

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Chinese Valentine’s Day – Qixi Festival

The Qixi (七夕節) is a Chinese Festival that falls on 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese Calendar and for this reason also called "The Double Seventh Festival". This Festival is at all effects considered as the Chinese Valentine's Day, making it one of the most romantic among traditional Chinese Festivals.   Already feeling pressure to drop cash on another romantic holiday so soon after the last one?   Here some insights of this Festivity mystical origins! ...

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The importance of third party companies

In this day and age, it is very common to import products from other countries and then sell them locally. It reduces costs and it allows you to access to a wider range of products and designs. This is good for your business, as customers will appreciate your new products and everybody likes saving some money. You want your goods to be shipped on time and once you have them, you want to send them fast to the stores so customers can start buying them immediately. But, what would happe...

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Tech 4 Trade at Rise 2016

From May 31st to June 2nd, Hong Kong was filled with ideas, dreams, laughs, but especially with entrepreneurs who gathered together in the second edition of the RISE conference in Hong Kong. The RISE conference is a place where entrepreneurs can show their starts ups, meet other entrepreneurs and meet possible investors who can help them make their dreams come true. Our Tech 4 Trade team also took part of this event. As you may already know, Tech 4 Trade was created a few years ago as a solut...

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Mexico – China Trade

After years being the factory of the world, China has started to go outside and invest in other countries, visiting them and above all creating new trade partnerships and friendships. One of the areas where China has focused the most in recent years has been Latin America, with Mexico being one of the biggest trade partners of the Asian giant. The trade relations between the countries have grown by more than 270% since the 2000s. But, the trade balance between the two countries is in favor of...

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Last time, we've discussed about the IP protection in China. Today, we'll discuss about the more specific issue regarding this IP protection. When China committed to restrict its IP protection, the government also paid more attention to several critical issues and one of them is related to the lighting industry.     Growth in Lighting Industry   Recently, there has been an extravagant growth in the lighting industry as improvements in the China's intellectual property en...

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