VR is becoming mainstream

This year has seen a boom in VR. From video games to movies and cameras, VR is becoming more common every day. As this technology keeps improving, more companies are starting to develop new hardware and software to ease the experience and create new functions. There are two main models: VR BOX: it consists on the structure  but it lacks a software. The user needs to put their phone inside the box and thanks to the glass inside they will be able to see the phone’s content in virtual ...

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Is China still a copying center?

China is synonym of copying. If you want any product, the Chinese can copy the exact same product and deliver it to you faster, cheaper and sometimes more customized than the original one. But is it still only synonym with copies and cheap products? As other Asian countries emerge as the new cheap place to produce, Chinese labor costs become more expensive in comparison. Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar are gaining in popularity when looking for low costs. China still has a lot to offer thos...

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The Canton Fair: the 2016 Fall Edition

CANTON FAIR FALL EDITION 2016 Every year hundreds of trade fairs are held in the world; one of the biggest ones being the Canton Fair, held twice a year in the Chinese southern city of Guangzhou. This is the perfect place to get a first touch with Chinese fairs; you can find almost every industry there and suppliers visit from every part of the country. Here in SBE, we know it is not always easy to go to these fairs; flight tickets, time consumption, hotels, food, etc. But we also kno...

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Chinese National Holidays

CHINESE NATIONAL HOLIDAYS AND WHAT TO EXPECT Chinese National Holidays are approaching fast; it will be from October 1st to October 7th. This is one of the two weeks known as Golden Weeks in China. A Golden Week is when is officially a holiday for a total amount of 7 consecutive days in the country; the other one being during the Chinese New Year. These days are very important in the Asian country because they mark the creation of the People’s Republic of China. We are going to explain some i...

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Mid Autumn Festival and Mooncakes

One of the most famous Chinese holidays is the Mid-Autumn festival. This year it will fall during mid-September. It is only three days of holidays from September 15th to September 17th, but, if you have any order coming from China during these days, remember that they might be delayed due to the festivities. The holidays are celebrated throughout East Asia, and are also important days in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Korea. The festival is a very good occasion for families and friends t...

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2016 G20 Summit: Recap

Like every year the leaders of the exclusive group of the G20 have met to discuss important global affairs such as global warming, the economy or terrorism. This year the summit was held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province. This is the first time the group meets in China and the second they meet in an Asian country (the other one being in South Korea in 2010). This year has been marked with the Chinese comments on global trade, the Brexit and the US presidential campaign. Th...

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