Chinese Valentine’s Day – Qixi Festival

The Qixi (七夕節) is a Chinese Festival that falls on 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese Calendar and for this reason also called "The Double Seventh Festival". This Festival is at all effects considered as the Chinese Valentine's Day, making it one of the most romantic among traditional Chinese Festivals.   Already feeling pressure to drop cash on another romantic holiday so soon after the last one?   Here some insights of this Festivity mystical origins! ...

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Hello everyone... Holiday is coming soon again in China and this time, Chinese people will celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节 zhongqiujie). In this article, I'll give you the complete information about this culture celebration and how is this festival celebrated in other countries.   "it's Chinese thanksgiving celebration" Mid Autumn Festival Introduction There are many calendar systems in the universe, but only 3 of them are widely known and used: The Julian/Gregorian Cal...

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Holiday is cominggg, and it's tomorrow, Sept the 3rd! Yeay, I'm super duper excited. One thing that you should know about Chinese holiday. Whenever there is national holiday during weekdays, we will have to go to school or to work on Saturday or Sunday in substitute of that holiday during weekdays. I've summarized all the information about this V-Day Parade in 5 Ws and 1H. Enjoy reading!   What is it about and what will happen there? V-Day Parade is a Parade to celebrate Chinese victory ...

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