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The Canton Fair: the 2016 Fall Edition

CANTON FAIR FALL EDITION 2016 Every year hundreds of trade fairs are held in the world; one of the biggest ones being the Canton Fair, held twice a year in the Chinese southern city of Guangzhou. This is the perfect place to get a first touch with Chinese fairs; you can find almost every industry there and suppliers visit from every part of the country. Here in SBE, we know it is not always easy to go to these fairs; flight tickets, time consumption, hotels, food, etc. But we also kno...

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First time coming to China? What to prepare when coming to China?   A lot of foreigners think that China is outdated, and I've crosschecked it with my friends! Funnily, though they are foreigners from different friend circles of mine, but the thing that they said was similar! They said that, "I've never thought that I would see tall buildings in China!"   Lujiazui, Shanghai   Welcome to China! A Spanish friend told me, "For me, first time I came to China the first thin...

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Dear readers, I just updated the upcoming trade shows in China for the October Period and yes, Canton Fair is coming next month! Don't miss the show and many other interesting upcoming trade shows! GLOBAL SOURCES ELECTRONICS SHOW Date & Time : Sunday 11.10.2015 - Wednesday 14.10.2015 Venue : Asia World Expo Venue Address : AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong, China Products : Consumer Electronics, Security Products, Electronic Components, etc. &...

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5 Questions to Answer whether to Visit Canton Fair

Is Canton Fair Worth to Visit for You?   The 117th Canton Fair Spring Edition has started in Guangzhou and I think this is a great time to answer a question that many sourcing companies get from existing and potential clients, i.e. whether or not a trip to the fair is worth their time.   Many of the considering clients have been importing from China for a few years now. They have started with a specific product in mind and then sourced using a sourcing company like ours or via a...

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What is Trade Fair Representation?

Hey guys! You know that sometimes you are in need of seeking new suppliers, but you just don't have the resources to do that. Maybe you don't have enough time or money to go to another country, or maybe you want someone else to take care about the sourcing because you would have problems with the language the suppliers speak.   So, what does Trade Fair Representation actually include?   We will represent you at a trade show where you can not attend.  The sourcing analyst o...

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10 Tips to Survive in Guangzhou Canton Fair

If you want to make direct personal contacts, identify suppliers, and find out the ‘ins and outs’ of doing business in China, attending trade fairs are a great first step. However, it is important to bear some points in mind to get the most out of your business visit to China. For many Westerners, China is definitely not the easiest place to travel in.   How to survive in Guangzhou then?   Here are 10 points for your to keep in mind when attending the Canton Fair in Gua...

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Canton Fair 2011

In the Import/Export (trade) industry, annual Trade Fairs visits are nearly inevitable. First faces and mostly place of massive exchanges between Buyers and Manufacturers, Trade Fairs are frequent and diversified by categories.   Widely in the season of multiple Trade Fair Shows, we have decided to consecrate the theme of this article to one of the Trade Fairs easily recognized as the largest Trade Fair Show in China.   The 109th Canton fair held in South China’s Guangdo...

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