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Sergio Zamudio

Head Editor
Mandarin/English/Spanish/French Mr Zamudio been quite familiar with various, technical  and industrial environments in China for more than 10 years . He is a firm pursuer of Quality and Lean Administration Practices. He holds a MBA Technology Management specialization from GGSB France (2004), an Electronics & Mechanics Engineering BS Degree from Monterrey Tec (1999). At the same time he is a member of the ASQ (American Society of Quality) and holds CQA and CQE certificates.

Allie Zhu



Miss Zhu is a native of Southeast China with a good understanding of local knowledge and actual conditions of China. She travelled widely and began to work in Online Marketing at SBE International Holdings Ltd. She regards herself as a practicer to embrace life and walk fearlessly toward challenges. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature and the other in Applied Communication (2012) from New Zealand.

Daniela Alejandra Guerra Cuenca



“[global sourcing] involves a contractual relationship between the buyer and the foreign supplier, in which the performance of a specific value-chain activity is subcontracted to the firm’s own subsidiary or to an independent supplier.”






Jaume Paretas Sacot



“Some advantages of global sourcing, beyond low cost, include: learning how to do business in a potential market, tapping into skills or resources unavailable domestically, developing alternate supplier/vendor sources to stimulate competition, and increasing total supply capacity.”

Bob Winters



“International procurement organizations (or IPOs) may be an element of the global sourcing strategy for a firm. These procurement organizations take primary responsibility for identifying and developing key suppliers across sourcing categories and help satisfy periodic sourcing requirements of the parent organization. Such setups help provide focus in country-based sourcing efforts. ”

Sergey Litvinov



“The use of global sourcing has been the driving force behind the development and expansion of the global economy. Including suppliers from around the world in the bidding process for large contracts reduces prices and increases competition.”





Fatima Khemiri



“Global sourcing takes advantage of relative efficiencies found across various countries, which can be lower labor costs, cheaper raw materials, less regulation, or government-initiated economic incentives like tax breaks and low tariffs.”












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