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Zombie Companies. It is the term for companies that continue to operate even though they are insolvent or near bankruptcy. Most analysts expect zombie companies to be unable to meet their financial obligations. Zombie companies have been mentioned as one of the many reasons of China's economic slowdown.   "In current circumstances, it is impossible to expect a V-shaped economic recovery, while an L-shaped growth period will be more likely," an analysis by an authoritative figure in Chin...

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We've heard so many news regarding labor problem in China. China's population is big and people need work for their life. Lately, many companies have turned their face to replace human with robot. Talking about cost, defect, and other things, yes, robot works more effectively more than human. But, what about human's fate? How does automation change China manufacture industry?   Chinese workers are taking a nap   The Machine Effect Human. We are created with emotion, intellectua...

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All of us know that China is the biggest population in the world, and indirectly, it makes China to have the biggest labor pool in the world. Big population is one of the most important incentives that makes China becomes home for most products in the world. But then, we heard many news about the poor labor protection in China. Yes, it is really saddening... But let's take a look of this article and think what can we do for the labor's right...   The World's Factory China, moreover the s...

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Currently, there has been hot issues in China about the new child policy, which now, government has allowed people to have 2 kids. It's such a long process, I have to say... Before the government really permitted people to have 2 children, people who want to have more children, either they have to pay or they can have one more child if both mom and dad don't have any siblings. Yeah, it sounds complicated...   Unbalance Population The reason why finally government decided this p...

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Quality derives from education

Big initiative on vocational training is to upgrade China’s economy   Shenyang in China's industrial northeast, dominated by heavy industry and leviathan state-owned enterprises, may seem an unlikely model for the modernization of the country's economy. Still, the capital of Liaoning province is seen as a leader in vocational training. It has had a long tradition in turning out the skills that industry needs and in 2010 was designated as one of 10 vocational training pilot areas. Th...

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Why to check suppliers for a slave labor?

Just half of UK manufacturing companies are auditing their first tier suppliers for child workers, slaves and conflict minerals, according to researches. It found fewer – 38 per cent – are auditing tier two vendors on the same criteria; and one in five said they are confident in suppliers’ ethical compliance purely because of personal relationships. The study revealed 80 per cent of UK manufacturers said they were “very confident” their tier one suppliers did not use slave labor,...

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Labor Strike Tactics in China

Increasing labor costs have become a major concern for foreign companies mulling whether or not to invest in China, but this may not be the only labor-related issue they should be watching out for. As the recent global economic downturn brings about falling factory orders, an abundance of young, well-educated and computer-savvy Chinese workers are leading one of the country’s strongest waves of labor unrest and labor disputes, which could cause real damage to companies’ regular day-to-day op...

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Inside View on China’s Logistics

  China's expenditures on logistical services totaled 3.7 trillion yuan ($570 billion) in the first half of 2011, an increase of 18.5 percent year-on-year, statistics showed.   The spending accounted for 18 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the China Logistics Information Center said in a report published on their websites.   The report attributed the growing spending to rising costs for raw m...

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