Mid Autumn Festival and Mooncakes

Mid Autumn Festival and Mooncakes

One of the most famous Chinese holidays is the Mid-Autumn festival. This year it will fall during mid-September. It is only three days of holidays from September 15th to September 17th, but, if you have any order coming from China during these days, remember that they might be delayed due to the festivities.
The holidays are celebrated throughout East Asia, and are also important days in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Korea. The festival is a very good occasion for families and friends to get together eat and enjoy their loved ones. We could even say that these dates are similar to Thanksgiving, because during Mid-Autumn festival people give thanks for the harvest and for the prosperity of the family and friends. It is also common to pray for diverse things such as babies, spouses or beauty.


Moon cakes

Most foreigners living in China know these holidays as the Moon Cake festival. This is because moon cakes become the most common dish during these days. You can find them everywhere and it is very common for companies to give them to their employees. Some of them can be very expensive, costing hundreds of RMBs. Moon cakes are very easy to recognize due to their shape and also their packaging. One of the strangest things is that moon cakes are not as tasty as you would imagine. It is very common to even hear locals saying how they don’t like moon cakes and that they are still popular because of tradition. For that reason, different styles of moon cakes are being created with new flavors and ingredients to adapt to the new preferences of the Chinese consumers.

New moon cakes as Starbucks.

New moon cakes as Starbucks.

Although during these daily activity continues in China, most factories and companies close. So, keep in mind that business with the Middle Kingdom will remain slow until next Sunday September 18th, which will be a working day.
Enjoy your holidays and don’t eat too many moon cakes!

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